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December 19, 2014
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Tropical gardens

tropical garden

One of Thailand most known tropical garden is probably Nong Nooch in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, it is also known as being the biggest and most divert botanical garden in S.E.A The Nong Nooch gardens are also specialized in Nature education, preservation and research as well as the conservation of the world’s biggest palm tree collection and the largest variety of Orchids flowers in Asia and other tropical flora. It is not just a massive plant collection but boasts some of the rarest plants found on the planet. The Nong Nooch Gardens The property covering 500 acres started as a fruit tree orchard and slowly became a botanical garden The gardens are now looked after by Khun Kampon Tansacha, the son of the woman for who the garden was named. The Nong Nooch gardens, have a team of more than twenty professional gatherer travelling throughout south east Asia and its dense jungle all year, round in order to discover new plants and collect the seeds of almost extinct species, so that the Nong nooch gardens could also serve as a seed bank in a near future. the Nong Nooch gardens supports the long-term field efforts and comprehensive ex situ conservation programs worldwide. The garden and other participating Thai and international institutions, such the “London royal botanical garden’s or the University of “La Sorbone” in Paris work together to preserve long-term genetic diversity in cultivated populations as well as propagate highly endangered species. A lot of that Flora can be observed in the Khao Sok national park due to the region great diversity. The Khao Sok rain forest technically a “Tropical evergreen forest” is a remnant of 160 million years old forest eco-system, and much older and richer then the Amazon forest. Plants like Epiphytes, (Aspienuim nidus and Platycerium holttumii) plant using trees as a perch to take advantage of the full light, Pandanus (Member of Pandanaceae family ) found from the coast to deep tropical rain forest, Wild ginger (Zingiber Spectabile) commonly used in Thai cuisine, and Palm Langkow (Kerriodaxa Elegans) which is a variety that can only be found in Khao Sok and in the Phra Taew forest in Phuket, without mentioning the Rafflesai flower (Rafflesia Kerri Meijer), which is Thailand largest flower and one of the world rarest and most unusual plants, can be found all over the national park. In case you are planning to visit the national park, check the Khao Sok Paradise resort, half of the property is built on an ancient river and their gardens offer an intersecting aquatic eco system. Snake and cat Fish, crabs, shells, frogs are easy to spot in the resort gardens and make it a predilection place to stay for bird watchers. The Resort is open all year round and is a place for true nature lovers offering western standards and is located at the door of the national park. Whether you are an armchair explorer vicariously visiting Khao Sok or a rugged adventurer about to embark on a trek, you are about to enter the oldest and richest terrestrial ecosystem on Earth.

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