Trekking in the Thai Rainforest
December 19, 2014
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Tropical gardens
December 19, 2014
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Night Safari in the Khao Sok National Park

I’m Looking at the night sky from my Tree house balcony. The hobby that we seem to have inherited from our ancestors. A past that enjoys a particular place in our personal history and the history of our planet. No matter how many times we look up at the night sky, we are still impressed every time we get a glimpse of its beauty. Too many things were inspired just by looking at the night sky. One of such things that have engendered a lot of controversy and competition between the west and the east was the race towards the moon. Well, now we’re getting too far… You see, if you want to get a clearer view of the sky, go to places where the sky is barren, where it is not obstructed by uprising man-made sky scrapers. Where our night vision is not polluted by glittering city lights. Go to where the sky is uncluttered and enjoyable so you may evoke memories of past and sentiments of the Wisdom that created everything that lies at your sight. Go to where it is peaceful. The Khao Sok National park is a perfect place for this. The park is simply vast and endless, covers 3 provinces and has a superficies of 375 square kilometers. I decided to stay in the Khao Sok Paradise Resort, due to an article written by Shreya Shukla, a famous travel writer in India working for the Calcutta telegraph. The Paradise Resort is a truly amazing Tree House Resort located at the door of the National park, and is specialized in organizing night safaris and elephant treks. I decided to go for a night safari with my wife a few hours after we arrived, since we already went for elephant treks in India. The Owner of the Lodge, Eric a Belgian gentleman and a true nature lover told us it was a perfect night to spot wildlife, indeed it was a full moon night and the stars were contributing The night safari started at 7 Am, Yaya, our local Jungle guide told me that he wanted to start early so that we would be the first group to enter the park that night, and that it would give us better chances to spot wild life. I often go for night hikes with by friends back in India, It doesn’t not only provide peace, but also calms the heart. It eases our troubles during the day and it washes the fatigue brought by the tiring journey we took during the daytime. Overall this trip took be 3 hours, yaya was fantastic, he had a strong southern accent and really new the jungle; he had been living here since he was born and had a lot of nature knowledge. Together we managed to spot a slow loris, two civic cats, a green snake and an owl. I would definitely recommend the Khao Sok Paradise Resort, This park is a wonderful playground for all nature lovers. By Sulfi Khan

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